Two days with Akademi Kristus (Academy of Christ) in Sanur, Bali

The slum
A privilege to harvest new souls

I was skeptical when we were entering this poor housing area, especially when I saw the ignorant attitude of the two young men who were sitting on the porch in front of the first block. They did not even care to greet us back when Akademi Kristus’ Geoff Collins greeted a woman who came out of the house. She, however, came out and greeted Geoff warmly while carrying her little daughter, who was sick.

The child looked ill and weak. I felt sorry when I saw the condition of the child. I realised there are many children in Indonesia who were born in a poor condition. They suffer malnutrition, illness, or are born with physical disability. Some are abandoned by their parents and have no education. However, according to the mother, the condition of her daughter had improved compared to Geoff’s last visit. Read more

Visitor report: Bethany Ross

The streets are no place for a 14-year-old, as Australian man Geoff Collins experienced firsthand. “My father committed suicide. There was nothing for me there,” he says.

After deciding to visit his older brother in Indonesia, Geoff never went back. A couple of years later, he instead found himself falling in love with a young Javanese girl. Read more