February Month of Giving Campaign: Ni Luh’s story

This is Ni Luh, she is having an amazing time in this photo thanks to the AK staff and volunteers who took her and a bunch of her friends swimming! Ni Luh has an undiagnosed cerebral palsy- type condition. She cannot walk and is unable to communicate verbally. For a long time Ni Luh was not engaged in meaningful activity and would spend her days lying on the floor not talking to anyone. But since Akademi Kristus started delivering disability education classes in the slum area near her house she has become much more engaged. Ni Luh looks forward to the education classes each week and lights up when the teachers arrive. Ni Luh’s father has had a stroke and is paralysed down the left side of his body. As her mother needs to work to support the family, Ni Luh and her father are often left alone in the house. Due to his stroke Ni Luh’s father is unable to provide her with personal care, including assistance toileting, as such her living conditions are challenging and she really values the time our disability educators spend with her. Ni Luh is very proud to be receiving education.

If you would like to support the specialist disability education that Akademi Kristus provides we invite you to become a monthly donor. For $40 per month you can support children like Ni Luh to receive life changing education.

Please note all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

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