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The side of Bali you don’t see…

When most of us envision Bali we see a picturesque landscape, laughing children playing in the sand, happy parents relaxing with a drink as the sun sets and immaculate resorts. While this is very much the face of Bali that is shared with the world, the reality of Bali life for most families and children is very far from this idealistic vision. Over fifty percent of the Balinese population is living in poverty, surviving on less than $2 a day. Many families live in unsafe and overpopulated housing in slums and some families are forced to abandon their children as they cannot afford to pay for food, clothing or education. Children as young as four are living, sleeping and begging on the streets, children are taken advantage of by the people who should be protecting them and abuse is rife. Many children and their parents are unable to read or write and feel that they have no way of escaping the poverty cycle. Akademi Kristus has been established to bring hope into the lives of Indonesian youth, families and communities. We do this by developing real relationships with individuals and through the delivering of programs that build confidence and empower and equip individuals to achieve their goals. [To read more about us… click here]

Our Values

At Akademi Kristus we are focused on loving people and bringing hope into their lives by providing positive opportunities for youth to grow through programs and real relationships. While Akademi Kristus is structured around specific programs of martial arts, education and creative arts we are also looking out and listening for opportunities to empower and equip individuals through practical and sometimes radical acts of kindness.

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  • Christian Based

    Reflecting Christian values through love, compassion, acceptance and respect.

  • Inclusive

    Embracing differences and adapting programs to meet the needs of individuals.

  • Disciplined

    Instilling a lifestyle of self-respect and respect of others

  • Positive

    Supporting an environment that is positive, encouraging and enjoyable for all




With your support Akademi Kristus will continue to deliver programs into areas stricken with poverty. Our programs of martial arts, education and creative arts are designed to provide children, youth and their families with positive opportunities for growth and development. Our programs, delivered with love and care, build self esteem, develop character, strengthen resilience and equip participants with knowledge and tools that will help them to achieve their life goals.