February Month of Giving Campaign: Specialist Disability Education classes

Akademi Kristus funds specialist disability teachers to work with children with disability that are living in government housing next to the slum area.
Through our programs children with disability are developing stronger communication and motor skills and we are changing the way that families interact with their children. One mum commented “I thought that because his body didn’t work, his brain didn’t either… but now I know he is smart.”
Akademi Kristus is working alongside disability educators to change the cultural understanding of disability in local Balinese communities.
Disability classes cost only $30 per week to provide a two hour class to five children and youth with disability. We hope to increase the frequency of classes to two to three times per week to further support the development of these young people.
If you would like to make a one off donation or sponsor regular classes click on the “donate now” link below.

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