February Month of Giving Campaign: Erma’s story

Erma Collins is our beloved teacher at Akademi Kristus. She spends time with local children from the slum teaching them valuable literacy and numeracy skills. Erma also teaches English to the children. Many of the children attending Akademi Kristus can’t afford to attend school, so learning basic numeracy, bahasa(Indonesian) and English is critical to their development and is the key to them finding employment in the future and breaking the cycle of poverty.

AK  currently delivers three education classes per week, but we hope to increase this to daily classes for longer periods of time so that we can work more closely with the children to develop these key skills.

If you would like to support our education program we invite you to become a monthly donor. For just $40 per month you can support children to receive life changing education.

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Please note all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

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