February Month of Giving Campaign: Geoff’s story

Geoff is our incredibly passionate, hardworking and dedicated Operations Leader and Jiu Jitsu Coach at Akademi Kristus. Together with his wife Erma and three daughters, Chloe, Kelly and Kasey, he serves the kids from the slum and the local area.

Geoff teaches jiu jitsu and boxing but more importantly, through the development of real relationships with the kids, he also instills confidence, builds self value, encourages respect and provides opportunities for leadership.

Geoff is an incredible role model for the children teaching them that through hard work and dedication that they can achieve their goals. The lessons they learn on the mat are just the beginning to them achieving their lifelong goals.

Just $10 allows Akademi Kristus to deliver one jiu jitsu class to up to 15 children.

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