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Visitor report: Kimberley Waters

The tiles are cool. A stark comparison to the sweltering, humid stillness of the air outside. I lower myself to the ground and quietly take in my surroundings, much further outside my comfort zone that I’ve ever been before. It’s heartbreakingly basic. Two rooms, a porch and an outdoor kitchen on a dirt floor. With […]

February Month of Giving Campaign: Meals for our Students

Akademi Kristus programs require a lot of our energy from the children and young people who attend our classes. Many of our participants’ families are living in extreme poverty surviving on less than US$2 per day, leaving little to no money for meals. Providing our students with well-balanced  meals is critical to ensuring they can […]

February Month of Giving Campaign: art classes

Art and creativity is a core element of children’s development. It allows them to explore, create and express themselves. Akademi Kristus delivers creative arts classes to the children from the slum and local area. Our arts classes are invaluable to the participants who come from impoverished background and have no other access to arts and […]

February Month of Giving Campaign: Erma’s story

Erma Collins is our beloved teacher at Akademi Kristus. She spends time with local children from the slum teaching them valuable literacy and numeracy skills. Erma also teaches English to the children. Many of the children attending Akademi Kristus can’t afford to attend school, so learning basic numeracy, bahasa(Indonesian) and English is critical to their […]

February Month of Giving Campaign: Specialist Disability Education classes

Akademi Kristus funds specialist disability teachers to work with children with disability that are living in government housing next to the slum area. Through our programs children with disability are developing stronger communication and motor skills and we are changing the way that families interact with their children. One mum commented “I thought that because […]

February Month of Giving Campaign: Geoff’s story

Geoff is our incredibly passionate, hardworking and dedicated Operations Leader and Jiu Jitsu Coach at Akademi Kristus. Together with his wife Erma and three daughters, Chloe, Kelly and Kasey, he serves the kids from the slum and the local area. Geoff teaches jiu jitsu and boxing but more importantly, through the development of real relationships […]

February Month of Giving Campaign: Ayu’s story

We’re starting our February Month of Giving Campaign with a story about one of our much-loved AK participants, Ayu. Ayu lives in disability housing next to the slum in Sanur Bali. Her parents have six children. Her two older brothers, Wayan (24) and Komang (22), as well as Ayu herself have cerebral palsy, a disability […]