February Month of Giving Campaign: Theja’s story

This is Theja, Theja is one of the older participants attending Akademi Kristus at age 27. Theja is a personal trainer at a hotel in Bali and loves his training sessions at Akademi Kristus. When we asked him why, this is what he said”

“AK is not only a place to train. At AK we’re equal, not rich or poor, not black or white, we are all family. In AK we train, we learn how to be a better person by helping each other, taking care of each other. Ak is like my second home, I love AK so much.”

Theja has become a leader amongst his peers and is a great role model for the younger children at AK. Since beginning training at AK Theja has quit smoking and is always on hand to help out when there is need.

“I hope AK will be the biggest community in Bali. I hope more people come and feel what I feel and make AK a second home for them.”

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